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Pale Wizard Recordings was founded by Dan Flitcroft in 2017 as a means to release music which he feels deserves to be heard. Based in the beautiful Roman City of Bath in England, Pale Wizard is a not-for-profit label, with all proceeds going directly back in to future releases. 

The primary focus is on local Bath based talent with niche, small-run quality vinyl and Cd products. We have a love for alternative, interesting and challenging music.


About Dan Flitcroft:

I have spent many years in bands and running an independent studio in Bath (UK). I sing for the band Sergeant Thunderhoof and have had a lot of experience dealing with producers, mastering engineers, designers, print makers and vinyl manufacturers.

I believe that the all musoc formats should be treated with absolute care at all stages and with that in mind, all of our releases are mastered specifically to the limitations and possibilities that come with the medium.